Here in pictures, can see my instrument bill, my inspired style, roots, poetic, tribal, powerful, connected, cosmic, olfactory, divine, shamanic. All I made is made with consciousness with organic materials. Unique and precious, like you! ~ Thank you for respecting my Art ~ Bow

Native Flute

Wooden carved whistle blocks. Hand-stitched leather pieces, precious or semi-precious stones set. Engravings and inclusions of wood. Pyrogravures. Natural feathers, furs, bones, horn. All girls of the 5 elements and harmonized with them. Each one made with love and consciousness.

Unique and precious.


Natives are made on 432hz on a  pentatonic minor range.


~ Thank you for respecting my Art ~ Bow


We love, we love!


The talisman comes from alchemy, astrology and magic symbolism, with deep and often impenetrable roots.

To understand the power of a talisman, one must understand the meaning of its symbols.

Breath of wood works with organic elements, minerals and also metals in harmony with telluric and cosmic energies.

Breath of wood personalize his work to offer to your being the sacred object that guides you on your way.

Unique talisman, please give motivated request.


Thanks so much.


Breath of wood


Please write if you want some détails or order, we will talk about your project, needs.

I spend my art all over the world.

All with respect, privacy.and love.


Already sent In USA or Asia.


Price up to rarity of my Art.

The assurance of a unique piece aligned with your being !

Be proud of who you are !


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